Signify is a professional esports organisation which operates under the Horizon Sports India brand. The Signify brand consists of two rosters for Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The teams comprise of top players from South-East Asia and are set up in Mumbai. The teams have their eyes set on International esports glory and have been equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment.

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Signify's vision is to garner the best of global talent to create a world beating dota2 team and compete at the highest levels


Signify is a professional Dota 2 team which operates under the COBX Gaming brand. The team comprises of top players from India, Australia and Philippines and is setup in a gaming house in Mumbai. The team has it's eyes set on International esports glory and has been equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment to help them achieve their dream.


Sandip Gupta


Sandip is the Founder and Managing Director of Route Mobile Limited. As a finance specialist with more than twenty years of experience, working in areas such as business analysis, SAP configuration and software systems consulting, Sandip brings with him a wealth of knowledge. His background as a chartered accountant and SAP certified consultant allow him to offer unique insights as well as providing the technical skills needed for developing end-to-end solutions from inception to reality. Prior to founding Route Mobile Limited with his brother, Rajdip Gupta, Sandip has held a variety of senior roles at prestigious organisations such as PwC India and Covansys (India).


Rajdip Gupta


As the Founder of COBX , Rajdip brings an incredible personal passion for sports (cricket & Esports) competition and tournaments. Passionate about delivering value to the players by championing eSports in Asia and the world, Rajdip will be leading the vision and strategy of COBX.With more than sixteen years of experience working for multinationals across the globe, Rajdip has now successfully been at the helm of the global messaging and voice API company Route Mobile Limited as its Co-Founder and Group CEO for almost two decades. An early mobile and telecom enthusiast who pioneered hand-held device applications in the late 90’s Rajdip is a visionary with a strong technical background. He has extensive knowledge in software life cycle and implementation strategy as well as SS7, SMPP, Java games and Symbian. Rajdip holds a BSc in Physics and Computer Science from Mumbai University.


Mujahid Rupani

Co-founder & CEO

Known in tech circles as Mojo. Has a knowledge base spanning Linux, virtualization, SAN technologies and routing combined with a brain that thinks in logical patterns makes him the go to advice person for telecom industry. He is always on the lookout for the next technological challenge. Over his 19 years of exploration in the Telecom field he has designed and implemented solutions for companies like Ceat Ltd, Bayer Pharma Ltd, Poonawalla Group among others.