Signify is a professional esports organisation which operates under the Horizon Sports India brand. The Signify brand consists of two rosters for Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The teams comprise of top players from South-East Asia and are set up in Mumbai. The teams have their eyes set on International esports glory and have been equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment.

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My Gaming Life – Team Signify (Dota 2 champions)


We befriended India’s best Dota 2 eSports team to find out what makes them true Heroes

Casual gamers usually sit in pajamas, pass a few levels, headshot a few monsters, unlock achievements and turn it off after they’re sick of retrying levels or bored of it.

However, unlike your mundane routine, life is a tad different for professional eSport gamers. Where instead of pen and paper, they’ve got a mouse and keyboard and instead of promotions and salary raises, they’re gunning for the world championship feeding off sponsorships and six figure prize pools.

We shot a few questions at India’s Dota 2 champions Team Signify to see what’s it like to live in their shoes and find out whether gaming’s a cup of tea for you noobs out there. Read on to see what drives Team Signify to be India’s best Dota 2 team. Assemble Heroes, it’s time.

Team Signify means a lot to us… it captures all the values a successful team stands for and it just felt significant.

We usually put in… around six hours of team practice and two to three hours of solo practice. We usually spend the weekends to catch up on rest and try do other things.

Spending time with each other out of the game… helps us focus. Other than that, we watch movies, treat ourselves to dinner and play other sports.

If Team Signify weren’t a Dota 2 team… Mr. Crowley has always had a soft spot for first-person shooters like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. BlizzarD feels racing games are right up his alley, maybe something like Need for Speed. Negi is more of a battle royale fan, so he’d pick Fortnite. NO_chanc3 says he can’t imagine playing any other game other than Dota 2. And Swiftly states if it wasn’t Dota 2, he’d like to represent the country playing football.

We look up to teams like… Team Liquid and hope to go up against them someday. In India, we have been dominating Dota 2 for over a year and the competition keeps challenging us, which keeps us on edge and forces us to work and play harder. We look into every team we’re going up against and try not to underestimate anyone.

We prefer gaming PCs like… Each gamer has their own preference; however, gamers like to customise setups as per their needs. Therefore, any PC or laptop that can be customised has our vote.

RGB lights are so cool… and if done right, they can add some real swag to your PC and a nice touch of customisation. However, it should not be overdone.

Yes, practice makes perfect, but… hard work, dedication, open-minded teammates also matter. Support from the management also help create a fun environment.

We’d love to compete at… the biggest international eSports competition with the biggest prize pool in the world.

If you’re looking to become a professional gamer… we suggest you keep at it and be fearless to take the leap of faith. There are plenty of opportunities these days that allow you to take up gaming and eSports as a profession or as a legit hobby.

But my mother won’t let me game… Initially, our parents were quite skeptical, but they insisted we complete our education first. However, once they saw our achievements and realised how serious we were, they gave us all the support we needed to be the best in the game. And once we took it up as a full-time profession, they couldn’t be prouder and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Gaming is the future… and it’s growing at a huge pace all over the world, faster than many other industries. The eSports industry is also growing hand-in-hand with plenty of professional organisations entering the industry and bigger prize pools to compete for. The future of gaming looks brighter than ever and it’s overflowing with a lot of opportunities for rookies and young professionals who are just about to enter the gaming scenario too.

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